Saturday, February 10, 2007

Swinging Chandeliers

I just realized something. Linking to my review of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin would shatter my veil of anonymity. I don't want that, what fun would there to be had in that case?

So, uh, I guess in the future I'll just bitch about games in an informal manner here when I feel up to the task. As I did with Portrait of Ruin already, so that's one game down.

As a side note: I'd kill to have my DS DS Lite right now. I purchased Elebits in the meantime to keep me occupied, but my limited time with the title is already pointing towards some glaring flaws in the game.

Here's an idea, how about less slowdown? It escalates to the point where I can't properly use the motion controls because my movement is going quicker than the pace of the game. After an hour with Elebits, my arm was properly sore due to the repetition of said movement because actions weren't executed properly on screen the first time I swung my arm. All thanks to the prevalent slowdown. An hour.

I'll leave Konami alone...for now. But, there's no guarantee that I won't be coming back to Elebits with even more demeaning things to say in a future blog post.

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