Tuesday, May 15, 2007

B-Side News: Next-Gen Wolfenstein Still in Development

A Madison, WI news channel ran a story about developer Raven Software. Some minor tidbits revealed about the next Wolfenstein.

A local Madison, WI news channel (WISC-TV) ran a story this past Friday about Raven Software, located in the Wisconsin city. Raven Software is known for titles such as Quake 4, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, X-Men Legends, Soldier of Fortunes, and many others. During the story, WISC-TV revealed that Raven Software is currently at work on a next-gen installment of Wolfenstein.

The story detailed that, “The company is currently working on a new game based on the "Wolfenstein" series, and with newer motion-capture technology, it is working with a local actress to be the character in its movie.” Which, really doesn’t tell us much regarding the game, but be happy that it’s in development.

During X05, id Software and Activision announced that the next installment in the Wolfenstein series was being developed at Raven Software for the Xbox 360 and PC. Later on in 2006, Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software, stated that the Xbox 360 would be the primary development platform for the next Wolfenstein title. This essentially confirmed John Carmack’s previous sentiments, where he had had mentioned that he would like to switch his primary development efforts over to the Xbox 360, instead of PC.

The WISC-TV story also stated that the next Wolfenstein title won’t be coming out until sometime in 2008. We’ll keep you updated.

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