Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pre-2010 End of Year List: Song of the Year 2010

I've never been a huge supporter of things like "favorite song of all time/X year" questions/lists, but this is an exception. The main reason being: the guy (as far as I know), just records random shit and posts accompanying videos to his YouTube account. Outer Limit Recordings (the recording moniker) did put out something this year, but I wasn't impressed with it. The guy in question, Sam Mehran, best known for his stint with Test.Icicles, but I wasn't aware of him until I came across his track "Julie". "Julie" came to my attention at the perfect time -- right around Halloween, and its whimsical, b-horror-esque lyrics and visuals depicted why I love the time so much. The playful, somewhat candid taping is what makes it so charming. Sam Mehran in a basement, playing some deranged romantic, holding a bouquet together with a knife, simultaneously glorifying and stabbing a foam mannequin face. Him and some other guy parading around, smoking, in what looks to be some sort of yard, garden, or park in an exaggerated manner, with the mannequin accompanying them as they have tea. It's a surreal, quirky video that's completely fit for the track.

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