Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year End 2010 List is Coming, I think

I've bitched about 2010 a lot, but I guess I'm still going to do a top 5 or 10 for albums. Mainly for myself (see: my 2008 year end list), as I'm not going to be writing much, if anything, nor posting links to songs/albums. Plus a semi-surprise album was released at the very, very end of 2010, and I wouldn't feel right without giving it credit. I'll need a week or so to re-listen to everything, but I have a pretty general idea as to what my top 5 will be, at least.

2011's off to a decent start with Cloud Nothings and Geotic. I think Toro y Moi's next album will be good, and that'll be out soon. No real surprises yet, but you never really know when those will hit in a year. I doubt there'll be another Dinosaur Feathers by the end of February like there was last year.

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