Wednesday, March 7, 2007

B-Side News: More news that didn't make the cut

As I previously mentioned, I'm going to post news that otherwise doesn't get posted on the site I write for. I'll start using "B-Side News" as the title to denote such entries. Anyway, this one is from yesterday, so it's a day late; but enjoy! (It's not very interesting.)

Aspiring game designer? Well, put your skills to the test, as Microsoft is offering $40,000 in potential prizes with its new Dream-Build-Play promotion. Excellent news if you’re versed in the ways of Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio Express, as that’s what’s required to partake in this contest. The possibility stands that your game could even be featured on Xbox Live Arcade. Great exposure, and a great thing to add on your resume. In addition to this, Microsoft also announced new tools available for the XNA Game Studio Express. These include Torque X, as well as texture-creation software.

The contest ends on July 2nd, and for further details about the Dream-Build-Play promotion, visit

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