Friday, March 2, 2007

B-Side News: The Tirade Continues

Only posting this crap here because someone beat me to posting it for the site I legitimately write for. I may start doing this more frequently in the future, because it's happening on a daily basis.

Oh, and long time no post!

My original post is below in italics:

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Fights Its Way To Next-Gen
Set to release across “various platforms”.

Ready 2 Rumble, the zany, yet comical boxing title that saw brief popularity at the beginning of last-gen is finally receiving a third installment. Not much was provided in terms of details unfortunately. The title is being developed by the Japanese AKI, whom you may recall developed such titles as Def Jam and WWF Wrestlemania. According to the press release, Ready 2 Rumble is planned for various platforms. So, hopefully no matter which console you own, you should be able to get your boxing on.

The original Ready 2 Rumble Boxing was a Dreamcast launch title. How the time just flies by. But I digress; Ready 2 Rumble saw a sequel appropriately named Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2. It’s anyone guess as to why the series was KOed from further development, but at least now things seem to be looking up.

10Tacle Studios CEO Michele Pes commented that, “With the release of “Ready 2 Rumble” 10Tacle Studios is focusing on one of the major game brands in the market.”
The original two titles saw favorable sales. But, a series that hasn’t had a game release in over six years can still be considered a “major game brand”? In any case, this title could potentially reclaim its former glory.

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Brian said...

I think I used to have it for N64, such a cool game