Tuesday, March 27, 2007

B-Side News: WipEout Pulse Coming to PSP

WipEout Pulse, the sequel to the gravity defying racing game WipEout Pure, is set to release this September. SCEE’s Studio Liverpool is helming the development. WipEout Pulse will contain 24 new tracks and seven different game modes. Probably a lot of blazingly quick racing too, but that’s just a hunch. Eight racing teams will be making their appearance, including the new EG-X outfit. The newly refined racing will also include a new Mag-Strip feature, which will cause ships to become temporarily restrained to the track’s surface. Of course, this new addition will allow for a multitude of track design options such as loops, vertical drops, and 90 degree angled sections.

Additionally, the game will support both Ad hoc and Infrastructure modes for multiplayer. Another neat feature will be the ability to listen to your own music from a Memory Stick. That is of course, if you prefer that to the licensed soundtrack, which will include artists such as Mason, Loco Dice, and Stanton Warriors. You can even snap a picture of your ship at any time during a racing using Photo Mode.

Downloadable content such as new tracks, ships, and tunes will also be available at launch and proceeding afterwards.

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