Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Taking it Slow

GDC is just getting started; and I'm sitting at my computer, patiently awaiting the onslaught of news the world expects me to report. Hopefully by next year I'll be at GDC rather than reporting on it from my house (wishful thinking). So what's worth noting this week? We've got some keynotes, some meetings, some general industry chit-chat. I'm actually more excited to see what Sony has ready to unveil than Nintendo. As some stock arrangement with the Japanese government is complicating their would-be GDC plans. This, essentially, puts an interim period where they are unable to reveal their future intentions. It sucks really, as it was something I was anticipating since the Wii launch. Nintendo loyalists are undeniably more accustomed to waiting than any other fans, so I'm sure they don't mind too much.

So, what have I been playing? Aside from the dismally short-lived Crackdown, things have been bleak on my itinerary. Prior to being engulfed by Crackdown's gangster-purging, I began Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The dialogue is excellent; clever, really, is the best way to describe it. The lacking elements come in the form of everything outside of the courtroom. The sections bore me, as it plays like a point-and-click adventure with still-frame portraits. Encapsulating not only my sheer boredom, but also monotonous gameplay. I need to go back and finish that and write a review for it. I've been neglecting a certain site, and they'd probably appreciate it if I occasionally did some work. Last up is Ninja Gaiden, for the original Xbox. I've put about 10 minutes into this radiant title, so I don't have a clear impression for it just yet. Other than the awkward camera that resembles the recent Sonic's. I'm cringing, really; just use your internet-goggles to properly view it.

Oh, I'd like to formally announce -- or as formal as a blog can be -- that I'm not going to write for Audiosyncratic any longer (see: I never did). I talked it over with Brian, and I don't feel suited to the task. He was fine with that, and my plate is kind of widening every day with things to write to begin with. So, it works out, for me at least. By the way, do read Audiosyncratic. Even though I know the majority of my traffic (all one of you) is brought in by way of Brian's other blog, BĂȘtise.

I guess that's about it. I may update later this week after GDC; but don't count on it unless something absolutely huge is revealed.

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